The Electronic E-COC like the name suggests is an alternative to the standard paper based COC on sale at our Regional Offices which allows you to complete the Certificate of Compliance from the convenience of your own premises. The E-COC complies to the same standard(s) as per the standard CoC as set by ACTS and accommodating Rules and Regulations as governed and legislated by the DoL (Department of Labour). The ECA(SA) E-COC however have far more benefits compared to the it's paper-based alternative.

Benefits and Differences

Before we delve into the next part let's look at some of the benefits in using the E-COC.

  • When you start using the E-COC around 40% of the work is already done for you. That's right! No more repetitiveness. You no longer have to complete information such filling in your company profile information, addresses, contact information and information concerning owner, registered person and so on.

  • The more up to date your Membership records better the accuracy of the information of the E-COC. In short the information displayed on your E-COC is a direct reflection of your Membership records as kept by our various Regional Offices. So if information is missing, outdated or incorrect, simply contact the Regional Offices you are a Member of. Once the Office have updated your data it will automatically reflect on the E-COC. This is once of, but be sure that your Regional Office always have the most updated information.

  • There is also a considerable difference in costing. Where for Members the ECA(SA) standard CoC will cost you around R60 for 40 CoCs, the E-COC will cost you R90 for 60 units, on top of that with the E-COC when you run low on what you have left you can always simply top-up via EFT for example. So no matter how far you are from your Regional ECA(SA) Office you no longer have to worry about shipping, whether there is stock available, none of that, simply pay online and you are set.

  • We all make mistakes but with legal forms it can be a burden. For example, if you make a critical mistake on the paper-based CoC you need to take a blank CoC and start again. What tends to happen in this scenario is that your client might be waiting or worse the mistake is picked up just before issuing to your client and that can be a woeful experience. Of course last minute changes especially when multiple parties are involved can cause a myriad of problems or discomforts at best. However when you use the E-COC all of this can be a thing of the past. You can always modify your E-COC until you lock it (we will get to that). So if you made a mistake somewhere you simply edit it out.

  • Ease of Access. Because the E-CoC is digital in nature you can access the E-COC Application from anywhere. So you can do it from office or from home or if the client allows even from their location. Of course this means that you can also do a little bit from everywhere. Simply save and continue anywhere where you want and when you want. However, the E-COC has a few nice tricks up the sleave such as allowing multiple people to work on one E-COC (if accordance with your Company Policy). For example, one person can do the administrative type of work another can do the Test Report and Technical parts thus speeding up the time it takes to issue the E-COC.

  • Legible, readable and reliable. Another major benefit of the E-COC is that it is entirely typed. Meaning regardless of who completes the E-COC, the E-COC will always render perfectly. No more handwriting that is hard to read, unclear or worries about writing neatly in small spaces. The E-COC renders all result as neatly as possible.

  • A E-COC that is very capable. With the recent additions of Electronic Signatures, additional test reports and supplementary pages you will end up with a neatly rendered E-COC which includes all of what you add in the final rendition, a neatly wrapped package for your client with no more randomly attached papers that look like they are not part of the CoC.

  • Use what you have. If you have relatively stable internet, a fairly modern computer and printer you already have all that you need to use the E-COC out-of-the-box. You can either print your final E-COC or you can save it to PDF and email it to your client. The choice is yours.

  • We took every effort to ensure the E-COC is secure, always online and backed up for future recall. So you can be sure that all your E-COC'S are safe even in the event where your equipment might be stolen or compromised by malicious software. Also you will be able to recall a E-COC today 20 years from now. All E-COC'S are archived automatically and in such a way that you are able to retrieve it with no effort at all.

  • Smart, intelligent yet simple. We build the E-COC to streamline completion and workflow. So based on certain selections other selections will automatically be either completed for you, disabled or enabled thus speeding up your completion time even further. We have therefore also reduced the margin of error.

  • The E-COC is adaptive so you will always have the latest amended edition to your disposal, no more concerns about whether the E-COC you are using is legally on par with legislative requirements.

  • The E-COC is always evolving to include more features, whatsoever that might be. And since the E-COC is still a Technical document you get the same support as would be the case with the ordinary CoC with the addition of IT Support.

  • Because of all the benefits, the E-COC automatically provides you with a competitive edge. The E-COC in many respects is ahead of its time and this is also due in part to the extensive feedback we have received from users like you to improve the system. With the E-COC your feedback matters, you have a say, a voice and with the help of our Members we aim to make this truly a breakthrough product. Just being part of today's event paves the way forward to the next generation. Thank you for being a part of this endeavour.