Below are some frequently asked questions in terms of the E-COC Application itself. If you have any questions please do ask when we do Questions and Answers

Q. Must I use yellow paper or can I use ordinary white paper?

A. You are welcome to use ordinary white paper to do your E-COC. Some people will for example print the first page on yellow paper and the rest on white. the choice is up to you.

Q. I have a slow internet can I still use the Application?

A. Yes you can still use the Application since it does not require an especially fast connection. However just make sure it is reliable. Users in this position should consider to upload lower quality images or smaller sized images

Q. Can I use other Browsers?

A. You are welcome to use other browsers, however, some browsers like Opera is optimized for speed and general use. Browsers in this category may not produce quality prints or proper results.

Q. What happens if I am dropped from the internet?

A. It is recommended as with all software that users save their work frequently. You pick up from where you last saved.

Q. Can I print on A3?

A. Although it has been reported that some users have had success when printing in A3 format since A3 is essentially twice the size of A4 in theory it should not be a problem but it depends greatly on the printer you use

Q. I cannot login, what do I do?

A. If you have trouble logging in then please contact our support department or email. The address is

Q. I am running low on volume what do I do?

A. You can simply top-up by contacting your regional office and submitting your proof of payment to them, once received your account will be top-up within 15-30 minutes. I recommend to top-up when you run low and not wait until your volume is depleted.

Q. I made a mistake on my E-COC what now?

A. It is a complicated question. In most cases we cannot change information, especially when you have already locked them. In such an instance you will have to redo your E-COC. You are however welcome to ask IT support about it first.

Q. If I have recommendations regarding the E-COC where do I go?

A. You can send it to your regional office or

Q. Can I split volume amongst my staff?

A. No. Unfortunately not. The volume assigned at this point is account wide meaning that all will share the same volume and deduce the volume by one for all when creating a new E-COC.