Although all of the features and usage cases surrounding the E-COC have been addressed I have decided to provide you with some optional extras that might assist you in your E-COC adventure.

Uploading better Signatures

Because the signature that you will upload is essentially an image there are some key aspects that will help you to get the best results.

  • Remember to pen your signature on white paper.
  • Use a pen that is not too fine. You want it to be as clear as possible.
  • Avoid poor lighting conditions and shadows. For best results do this outdoors when lighting conditions are better.
  • Scribble down a few variations

Take an image of your signatures and then download it to your computer. Download a tool such as The Gimp. It is open source meaning it is free. To download go to

Click on the orange block.

Install the application. Once installed locate the shortcut which is normally on your desktop and double click to run the application.

You will see the following splash screen while it is opening up.

Go to FILE and then OPEN.

Select your signature image and open it. Once you do your signature should appear something like the illustration below.

We talked about the background, to remove it locate the menu on top and then go to Colors using the menu and click to expand. About 15 levels down you wil see Color to Alpha.... Click on it. You will now see the window on the right as depicted by the blue arrow.

  • The orange diamonds have to match in color at this moment they do. The idea however is to get the right window color the same or approximately the same as the background of your signature.
  • If you see the black and white squires as background in the preview panel then you are good to go as depicted by the purple arrow. Click on ok.

Once you have done that you will see the following new version of your image.

All that remains now is for you to save your image. To save go to File and then click on Export. You can then choose to override your previous signature or export it under a different name.

Make sure though that you do not save it as JPG but instead save it as PNG. To do so simply remove the .jpg extension and replace it with .png as illustrated by the blue arrow below.

Click on the export button as per the green arrow. The last window will open up and you can simply click on Export as per the purple arrow.

And that is it. This will give you the best possible signatures for your E-COC