To recap and finalize the previous chapter, below is a recommended diagram of how your setup at bare minimum should look like. I have marked the required equipment for a standard setup with a red 'R'

For illustration purposes I have included the optional desktop and smartphone setup configuration but are not essential

Why Browsers?

First of, the E-COC is a web-based Application, therefore you will access via a browser. Furthermore, modern browsers encapsulates various technologies that allows you to access different web services without the need of additional software. Browsers are no different than any other software in terms of how it works with your operating system (Windows etc). Although Windows ships with Internet Explorer and the latest Windows (Windows 10) ships with Microsoft EDGE. They are not recommended for use with modern technologies. Below is an illustration of the aforementioned browsers.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is Microsoft's old browser and Microsoft have announced that once they have resolved all the problems with EDGE they will discontinue Internet Explorer, therefore no further improvements will be made to Internet Explorer and have suggested that people do not use it for secure and meaningful Internet work.
  • Microsoft EDGE is not yet capable to perform complex tasks and I can attest to the fact that EDGE at present is not recommended for using the E-COC. This recommendation is based on feedback received from many existing users.

At present based on thorough testing and a lot of feedback received from existing users I can recommend only the following browsers. Brief illustration below.

  • Firefox from Mozilla is a great browser, some say it is the most secure browser available to date. Firefox is great for use with the E-COC but lack a very important feature. It cannot produce PDF documents on its own yet. This seems to be a problem only if you are not using Windows 10. But until it has a build in PDF converter I would advise against this browser

  • Google Chrome is an excellent browser that is available on all platforms including mobile devices. It is secure, reliable and free to use. Since the browser is supported, developed and funded by Google you can expect that you will have a well rounded experience. Google Chrome Includes a build in PDF converter that is top notch. Based on feedback from our users we have had no complains from E-COC users using this browser. Other benefits include speed, stability and ease of use

For this reason I will be using Chrome throughout the tutorial to show you how to use the E-COC

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