Before we can move forward it is critical to understand how your profile data is used by the E-COC.

Mapping your ECA(SA) profile to the E-COC

Each User have a Profile that is stored in our National Database that contains your information. Information includes the following details that are transposed on the E-COC. The details are:

  • Your Company Name
  • Your Company Contact Information including:
  • Company Telephone Number, Fax Number, Owner's Mobile Number and Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Department of Labour Registration information
  • Owner / Electrical Contractor Identity Number, Name and Surname
  • Registered Person Wiremen's Registration information, including the Type of Registration, Registration Number, Date the License were issued.
  • Registered Person's Physical Address, Contact Number, Name and Surname and Identity number.

In addition the ECA(SA) might also have to ensure that you are a Member in good standing. To determine whether a Member is in good standing we have to confirm that your subscription fees are up to date or as otherwise arranged with the ECA(SA)

Accessing your Profile

Upon registration you will receive universal access to both the E-COC and Members will gain access to their Online Profile with the same access details. We will address this a bit later.

Always ensure that you inform your Regional ECA(SA) Office if any of your details have changed in order to make sure that your latest information reflects legally correct on the E-COC. I recommend that all new E-COC users contact their Regional ECA(SA) Office to ensure that their details are up to date and also correct.

Essentially all Companies have on Primary Profile that contains information concerning the user's business. You can access your profile from our website ( by going to Registered Member Login as illustrated below.

And Simply enter your access details as provided by your Regional ECA(SA) Office and then click on LOGIN. You will then be redirected to your Personal Member's Section.

Once you are signed in, simply look for YOUR PROFILE card and click on view and then if there are outdated, missing or incorrect information simply use the EASY CONTACT INFO card to the left and contact your branch to update.

Viewing your Profile data

Once you have signed in successfully and upon viewing your profile information (profile data) you will see the information exactly as it would appear as per your Regional ECA(SA) Office.

Below is an illustration of how your profile data looks like

Your Primary Profile

Your primary profile contains information concerning mainly your business, such as displayed below.

Secondary Profile Information

Secondary profiles will contain information concerning those whom perform Electrical work. Each registered person will have their own unique set of details. In some cases you might not have additional people in such an event it will display the information of the individual whom might both be the Electrical Contractor (i.e. Owner) and registered person. At present some information is not reflecting that should be such as the registered person Wiremen's License information.

How your profile Data effects the E-COC

As demonstrated in the previous section the your profile information is a virtual image of the records kept by your Regional ECA(SA) Office. Therefore, incomplete profile data will affect your E-COC by showing the same information that is currently on record as per your Regional ECA(SA) Office. Since the E-COC remains a legal document it is important to ensure that our Regional Offices have your most up-to-date information.

In some cases you might have to physically present information or email supplementary information such as when you change your Company's Registration Name or when a new employee joins your Company where the ECA(SA) would need his or her Wiremen's Registration Information if that person will be performing Electrical work. Please make sure that you submit such details.

In other cases if an employee has left tenure and is no longer employed by your company please inform your Regional ECA(SA) Office so that the Office can suspend the employee and revoke access to the E-COC.

Due to how the E-COC is built updated information will not affect archived E-COC'S and will not override archived data.

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