In this chapter we will delve into the basics of accessing the E-COC application.

How the purchase process works

There is no charge in using the E-COC application itself, similarly there is no charge to be on a prepaid network. However as with mobile networks you need to have airtime or data before you can really make use of the mobile network. With the E-COC you purchase volume. This allows you to create new E-COC'S. If you have no remaining volume you can simply work with the E-COC'S that you have already created much like you can still receive calls on a mobile network if your benefits are depleted but will not be able to make any calls.

Purchasing Volume

To purchase volume:

  • If you have never used the E-COC you must contact your Regional ECA(SA) Office first, to confirm your details (as explained) first.

  • If you are an existing user of the E-COC you can simply do an EFT payment and forward your proof of payment regarding your purchase to your Regional ECA(SA) Office.

How Volume in terms of the E-COC works

At present the pricing for Members of the ECA(SA) is R90 for 60 units. If you want to purchase more than please take note units are sold in batches of 60. Therefore if you want to purchase more the next possible minimum will be 120 units at R180 and so on. There it is not possible to purchase volume that are not based on 60 increments. Currently 60 units is the base minimum purchasable, however there are no maximum limit on the total amount you can purchase.

On a side note, you will know how much CoC's you issue and how frequently and because it works on volume rather than prefabricated and pre-packaged means such as the paper-based E-COC. So you will know how much E-COC's you will require.

Below is an illustration of how you can see how much volume you have remaining. This information is part of the E-COC dashboard to be explained

New users will receive a welcome email that contains

  • Your access details (username and password) to access the E-COC
  • A link that will take you to the E-COC platform
  • and an up-to-date User Guide explaining to assist you with using the E-COC

From that point on forward you will as with second users simply purchase additional volume once your volume is depleted or close to being depleted

Below is an illustration of a sample email you will get when signing up

In addition you will also receive:

  • Access to Technical Support (Electro Technical). All our Technical Advisors
  • General IT Support for general assistance and first line support.
  • Advanced IT Support (access to the developer --myself).
  • Financial Support (National Financial Manager).
  • Advanced Technical Help (Mr. Cecil Lancaster)

The E-COC is very well supported problems reported gains priority over any of our other products.

Essentially the E-COC is aimed to provide you with a well rounded experience regardless of your attunement, aptitude or experience level that is cost effective, convenient and modern.

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