A feature that not all will use but which can be extremely important for those who do. Adding Additional Test Reports when using the E-COC forms part of the E-COC and as such forms part of the standard E-COC. So if you add one additional Test report it will gain the serial number of the E-COC and page increment at the bottom of the page.

To add an Additional Test Report go to your Workspace Dashboard. Below is an illustration on where it is located.

  • The green arrow points to the blue ADD ADDITIONAL TEST REPORT with the green squire around it.

Please note that if you are to add an Additional Test Report you need to do so before you lock your E-COC otherwise this option will no longer be available to you.

Adding Additional Test Reports

To add an Additional Test Report click on the blue ADD ADDITIONAL TEST REPORT button. You will be redirected to the next page where you specify the name of the Report as illustrated Below

Please provide a name for your Test Report and then click on the blue Continue button to proceed back to the Dashboard.

  • The orange arrow points to the name you provided on the previous screen.
  • The blue arrow points to the MODIFY button.
  • The green arrow points to the PREVIEW button.

Click on MODIFY to be directed to the edit page where you will be able to enter information as per the reason you have attached the Additional Test Report.

The Test Report - Editing

Since this course is only to demonstrate the use of the Electronic Certificate of Compliance I have omitted areas of the test report as they are not important considering the intention. Below is a depiction of the Additional Test Report.

Focussing our attention at the top part of the Additional Test Report I have pointed to the information that is essentially carried over from when you created the report and to show information derived from the E-COC we have already completed.

  • The serial number will be displayed automatically as it is taken from the standard E-COC.
  • The name of supply is carried over from the page that was used to create this additional test report.
  • The date itself is also carried over from the standard E-COC.

The Test Report - Preview

To preview your the Additional Test Report go back to the Dashboard and click on the blue PREVIEW button. When you do you will see the preview exactly the same way the rest of the E-COC works.

As per other preview this provides you with a visual representation of the page.

NOTE: You may Add multiple Additional Test Reports to your E-COC. When you do, page numbers will automatically be adjusted

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