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Electronic Certificate of Compliance

V3.0.1 ERC build 170625


Please note that I am in process of fixing, updating and adding components as well as implementing code that address a variety of problems concerning the ECA's integrated systems
UPDATE: Since the last change to this log, and because there are multiple systems involved, new features are being introduced starting with Regional Systems. This allows staff to better deal with administration tasks related to the E-COC and other requests that will benefit all E-COC users beyond what I now can address but will be available one done and distributed to Regional Offices for consuming and using.
Issues that are being addressed includes everything for logging into the E-COC and using the E-COC. Due to our small IT staff compliment (which in this regards is mainly myself only) I am actively working on the above thus making it extremely difficult to handle individual requests. Requests are handling where the impact is highest and effect most users either directly, passively and measures taken to ensure that going forward it wont happen again Some changes have already been implemented and will continue to be implemented. Click on the details below to see the log.
I am actively working on the above thus making it extremely difficult to handle individual requests. Those requests for the most part are being addressed in the scope at hand. The impact on active users on the platform may continue as per normal if and where they can since most of the implementations is for stability and general fixes.
Help, Guidance and Documentation,
The following link will take you to the documentation surrounding the WIKI (Online Documentation) which exposes;
What the E-COC (Electronic Certificate of Compliance). What the difference in contrast to the paper edition and benefits
How to use the E-COC, what the requirements (both computer related and ECA(SA) requirements). How to get started and how to step by step from start to finish use the system
Frequently Asked Questions and complimentary chapters dealing with Signatures (Electronic), including IT related extras. However, please note that this Documentation do not include all Administration (regional or otherwise) questions.
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